大学英语统考B 翻译题库 题库答案
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大学英语统考B 翻译题库 题库答案(精简版)

1、 ….three times as much here………三倍多

2、 A dolphin is always well-known as a clever and friendly animal.海豚以聪明和友好的动物闻名。

3、 "A friend of mine from high school is working in England now.    我的一个高中同学现在正在英格兰工作。"

4、 "A lot of natural resources in the mountain area are to be exploited and used.       那个山区有许多自然资源有待于开发利用。"

5、 "After I get home, I'll call you.      到家以后,我会给你打电话。"

6、 "Air is all around us. 空气无处不在。"

7、 Air pollution is more serious than water pollution. 空气污染比水污染更严重。

8、 "All that glitters is not gold.    闪光的东西,未必都是金子。"

9、 "All things are difficult before they are easy.     凡事总是由难而易。"

10、      "Americans usually eat three meals a day.  美国人通常一天吃三顿饭。"

11、      "Apples here like water and sunshine.  这里的苹果喜欢水和阳光。"

12、      "Apples here like water and sunshine.  这里的苹果喜欢水和阳光。"

13、      Are you fond of music?你喜欢音乐吗?

14、      "As a result, our personal income rose an average of 13 per cent last year alone.  结果, 仅去年一年我们人均收入平均增长13%。"

15、      "As is known to all, China is a developing country.  众所周知,中国是一个发展中国家。"

16、      Before leaving the classroom, please turn off the lights.离开教室前,请关灯。

17、      "Beijing Olympic Games can make Chinese people work harder.       北京奥运会能让中国人工作更努力。"

18、      "Bill hit his car into a wall last night.   昨晚比尔开车时车撞到了墙上。"

19、      "Bill hit his car into a wall last night.   昨晚比尔开车时车撞到了墙上。"

20、      Bob and Peter found out that they were twin brothers.鲍勃和皮特发现他们是双胞胎兄弟。

21、      Both Ann and Mary are suitable for the job.安和玛丽都很适合这份工作。

22、      Business success depends on hard work.事业上的成功依靠努力。

23、      But I’ve got room for only two of you in the house.但我在房子里只留了你们两个人的空间。

24、      By 1900, states had laws against selling cigarettes to young people.1900年以前,各州法令规定禁止向年轻人售卖香烟。

25、      "Call me tomorrow if you have time.   你明天如果有空给我电话。"

26、      "Can you finish your work in time?     你能及时完成工作吗?"

27、      Could you give me a cup of coffee, please?请你给我一杯咖啡好吗?

28、      "Could you show me the way to the train station?   你可以告诉我去火车站的路吗?"

29、      "Could you tell me how to get to the bank/your university?  你能告诉我去银行/你的大学怎么走吗?"

30、      "Could you tell me how to get to the bank?       你可以告诉我如何去银行吗?"

31、      "Could you tell me how to go to your university?    请你告诉我如何去你的大学,可以吗?"

32、      Could you tell me where the post office is?你能告诉我邮局在哪儿吗?

33、      "David will get a birthday gift from his sister.   戴维将从他的姐姐那里得到一份生日礼物。"

34、      "Did you get that E-mail from me?      你收到我发的那封电子邮件了吗?"

35、      "Do you feel better now? 你现在感觉好些了吗?"

36、      Do you go swimming every day?你每天都去游泳吗?

37、      "Do you have anything to say?      你有什么要说的吗?"

38、      "Do you know where the post office is?      你知道邮局在哪儿吗?"

39、      "Do you like traveling?    你喜欢旅游吗?"

40、      Do you mind my smoking here?你介意我在这儿抽烟吗?

41、      "Do you think students should do a part-time job?   你认为学生应该去做兼职吗?"

42、      Do you want to go out or stay at home?你想出去还是留在家里?

43、      "Does the computer have instructions on it?      电脑上面有使用说明吗?"

44、      Don’t trust him no matter what he says.不管他说什么都别相信他。

45、      "Don't tell me what to do!       别对我指手画脚!"

46、      "Don't you think smoking is harmful to your health?      你不认为抽烟对你的身体有害吗?"

47、      "Each time history repeats itself, the price goes up. 历史每重演一次,代价就增加。"

48、      Each year some of his money is given to the best scientists and writers of the world.每年,他拿出一部分钱给世界上最优秀的科学家和作家。

49、      Eastern culture is different from western.东西文化存在差异。

50、      "Either you must improve your work, or I shall dismiss you.       你必须改进工作, 否则, 我解雇你。"

51、      "Everyone enjoys being praised instead of criticized.     每个人都喜欢被表扬而不是受到批评。"

52、      "Everything considered, their plan is still workable.       所有因素都考虑到,他们的计划仍是可行的。"

53、      Fewer high school students are smoking now than a few years ago.相比若干年前,现在吸烟的高中生少了。

54、      Fires may do more damage than the earthquake.火灾比地震更有破坏力。

55、      Five days is too long for me to wait. Do you want to wait?五天的等待对我来说太久了,你想等吗?

56、      Flight 220 is scheduled to arrive at 10.30 pm.220班机预定在晚上十点半抵达。

57、      "Fred was such a hardworking student that he soon came out first in the class.      弗瑞德是一个学习十分用功的学生,以至于不久他就成了班里学习最好的学生。"

58、      From the East coast to the West it is about 3,000 miles wide.东西宽度约为3000英里。

59、      Good health is an essential part of good life.身体健康是幸福生活的必要前提。

60、      Great wall is so wide for six horses to go side by side.长城宽得足够六匹马肩并肩地走。

61、      "Had the car gone over the cliff, they would have been killed.     如果汽车当时翻到悬崖下, 他们早就丧命了。"

62、      Have you seen Tom recently?你最近见过汤姆吗?

63、      He called the doctor and made sure they would meet at five.他打电话和医生确认他们将在五点见面。

64、      "He can run as fast as Jim.     他和吉姆跑得一样快。"

65、      He didn’t need to attend the meeting. 他不需要参加会议。

66、      "He didn't understand what the teacher said.    他不懂老师所说的话。"

67、      "He failed to live up to his parents' expectations.     他辜负了父母对他的期望。"

68、      He had a traffic accident last week.上周他发生了车祸。

69、      "He has a foreign friend who lives in America.  他有个住在美国的外国朋友。"

70、      "He has made it clear that he has nothing to do with her.      他已经表明了他与她无关。"

71、      "He has sympathy for all poor people. 他对所有的穷人有一颗怜悯之心。"

72、      He is a world famous pop star.他是一位著名的世界流行明星

73、      "He is a worldwide famous scientist.    他是世界闻名的科学家。"

74、      He is one of the greatest writers in the world. 他是世界上最好的作家之一。

75、      "He is sweating all over.  他汗流浃背。"

76、      "He knew the time of the meeting. 他知道开会时间。"

77、      He looks much older than his age.他比实际年龄看上去老得多。

78、      "He offered to help us with our work.  他在工作上给与我们帮助。"

79、      He often went from town to town giving lectures.他经常奔波于各个城镇作演讲。

80、      He prefers coffee to tea. 咖啡和茶相比,他更喜欢咖啡。

81、      "He remains modest despite his great achievements.       尽管他取得了伟大的功绩, 但是, 仍然保持谦虚。"

82、      "He said that he preferred the country to the city.   他说城市和农村相比, 他更喜欢农村。"

83、      He shows a great interest in learning English. 他对英语学习表现出极大的兴趣。

84、      "He sits there listening to music.    他坐在那儿听音乐。"

85、      He told me that he had lived in America for ten years before he came to China.他告诉我, 在来中国前他在美国已生活十年了。

86、      "He translated the famous novel into English.   他把著名的小说翻译成英文。"

87、      He wanted to help all the wounded people no matter which side they were fighting for.他想帮助所有的伤员,无论他们是为哪一方而战。

88、      He was satisfied with his new car, and drove to work the very next day.他很满意他的新车,第二天就开去上班了。

89、      He’s growing more like his father now.他现在长得更像他的父亲了。

90、      How are you doing these days?你最近怎么样?

91、      "How are you feeling today?  你今天感觉怎么样?"

92、      How did you spend your holiday?你假期怎么过的?

93、      "How long do you watch TV every day?    你每天看多久电视?"

94、      "How long has she lived there?     她在那儿住多久了? "

95、      "How long will it take us to get there? 我们到那儿要用多长时间?"

96、      How long will you be staying in China?你在中国呆多久?

97、      How much does a parrot like this cost?这只鹦鹉多少钱?

98、      "How wide is this street? 这条街有多宽?"

99、      "How will you spend the evening? 你今晚打算怎么过?"

100、    "I am glad to hear the good news. 听到这个好消息我很高兴。"

101、    "I am not satisfied with his answer.      我对他的回答不满意。"

102、    "I am very much interested in sports.  我对运动很感兴趣。"

103、    I am writing this letter to complain about the service in your hotel.我正在写信投诉你们宾馆的服务。

104、    "I buy some food on my way home.      我在回家的路上买了些食物。"

105、    I can't finish the task within 1 hour.1小时内我不能完成这个任务。

106、    "I didn't sleep well.    我没睡好。 "

107、    "I don't feel very well.      我感觉不太好。"

108、    "I don't know who broke the window.  我不知道谁打破了窗户。"

109、    I feel lonely without you.没有你,我感到孤单。

110、    I feel satisfied with my life我对我的生活感到满意。

111、     "I finished my work at 6 pm.  下午6点我干完了活。"

112、    "I found $10 on the street.      我在路上捡到10美元。"

113、    "I get to my office at 10:30.    我10点半到办公室。"

114、    "I got a decayed tooth pulled off yesterday.       我昨天把一颗蛀牙拔了。"

115、    "I got married ten years ago./My parents were married in 1954.       我十年前结婚了。/我父母是1954年结婚的。"

116、    I got there by plane late at night.我深夜才坐飞机到那儿。

117、    "I got to the library by bus.我坐公车去图书馆。   "

118、    "I guess he is ill.  我想他生病了。"

119、    "I had lunch with a friend of mine.       我和我的一个朋友一块吃了午饭。"

120、    I had no choice.我没有选择。

121、    "I have a pain in my back.      我背痛。"

122、    "I have no interest in what they say about me.  我对别人怎么说我不感兴趣。"

123、    "I haven't enough money for the coat. 我的钱不够买这件上衣。"

124、    "I heard she got married last week.     我听说她上星期结婚了。"

125、    I hope we can have some snow this winter. 我希望这个冬天能下点雪。

126、    I hope you will change your mind tomorrow.我希望明天你能改变你的想法。

127、    "I hope you'll be well soon.     希望你早日康复。"

128、    I hurried to my office.我匆忙赶到了办公室。

129、    "I lost my keys on my way to work.     在去上班的路上,我的钥匙丢了。"

130、    I met one of my old friends on my way home yesterday evening.昨晚在回家路上我遇到了我的一位老朋友.

131、    I picked up the bag to protect my face from the smoke and heat.我捡起包捂在脸上挡住烟和热.

132、    I play football with my classmates.我和我的同学们踢球。

133、    I reached Beijing early in the morning.我上午很早就到了北京。

134、    I read the local newspaper with great interest every evening.我每天晚上都饶有兴致地阅读当地报纸。

135、    I sent him a Christmas card last year.去年我给他寄了一张圣诞卡片。

136、    I slept soundly all night. 我整夜睡得很熟。

137、    "I slept soundly all night. 我整夜睡得很熟。"

138、    "I take a walk in the early morning every day.  我每天一大早出去散步。  "

139、    "I think everyone knows how to swim. 我想每个人都知道如何游泳。"

140、    I think she’ll change the mind tomorrow.我认为她明天会改变她的想法。

141、    "I think the picture shows us how fruit is necessary to life.    我想这幅图是告诉我们水果对生活是不可缺的。"

142、    "I think you're wrong.     我觉得你错了。"

143、    I want to get back home by five o’clock if it is possible.如果可能的话,我想5点钟回家。

144、    "I was having a nap when suddenly the telephone rang. 我在睡觉时,电话铃声突然响了。"

145、    "I watched TV all night yesterday.       我昨天看了一夜电视。"

146、    I’m busy studying for my exams. 我正忙着复习考试。

147、    I’m looking forward to your visit to China.我期待你的中国之旅。

148、    I’m thinking about a visit to Paris.我在考虑去趟巴黎。

149、    I’ve lost interest in my work.我已经对我的工作失去了兴趣。

150、    "If you decided to learn a new language, you would have to dedicate yourself wholeheartedly to the cause.       如果你决定学一门新的语言,你必须全身心地投入。"

151、    "If you have time, you can come to my office.   如果有时间,你可以来我的办公室。"

152、    If you invest all your money in one hotel, you'll have all your eggs in one basket.要是你把所有的钱都投资在一个宾馆里,你就是在孤注一掷。

153、    If you take vitamins, you will have more energy. 如果你服用维生素,精力会更足些。

154、    If you travel by ship across the Pacific Ocean, you cross the International line.如果你坐船穿过太平洋,那你就穿过了国际线。

155、    If you travel by ship across the Pacific, you cross the International Date Line.如果你乘船穿越太平洋,你就能横过国际日期变更线。

156、    "I'll have to try using the search engines.   我得试着用这个搜索引擎。"

157、    "I'll phone you again when I get home.       我回到家会再打你电话的。"

158、    "I'll stay at home and watch TV.   我要待在家里,看电视。"

159、    "I'll tell you what to do next.  我会告诉你下一步要怎么做。"

160、    "I'll tell you when to stop working.       我会告诉你什么时候停止工作。"

161、    "I'm going to buy a monthly ticket tomorrow.   明天我会去买一张月票。"

162、    "I'm having a headache now.  我现在头痛。"

163、    "I'm not an English major student.       我不是英语专业的学生。"

164、    "I'm now a distance education student.       我现在是一名远程教育学员。"

165、    "I'm sorry to hear that.   听到这消息我很遗憾。 "

166、    "I'm very much eager to improve my oral English.  我非常急迫地想提高我的英语口语。"

167、    "In an age of plenty, we feel spiritual hunger.    在这个物质财富充裕的时代,我们感到精神上的饥渴。"

168、    In fact, he did not even own a bed.事实上,他连张床都没有。

169、    "In Foreign Languages Department, a checking machine is used to correct the students' est papers.       外语教研部用阅卷机给学生批卷。"

170、    In most culture, animals are in a worse position than human being.在大多数文化中,动物比人类位于更糟糕的处境。

171、    "In no other country in the world can you find such plants as this one.      像这种植物在世界上的其他任何一个国家中都找不到。"

172、    "In some cultures people devote a lot of time to eating.  在有些文化中,人们在吃上要花很多时间。"

173、    In the world, soccer or football is the most popular sport.足球是世界上最流行的运动

174、    Inside, this large plane looks more like a high building than a plane.从里面看,这架大飞机更像一幢高楼而不像一架飞机。

175、    "It is a fine spring day.     一个美好的春天。"

176、    "It is known to all that exercises are good for health.     众所周知,锻炼有益于健康。"

177、    It is no good hoping to read all these books.要把所有书都读完是不可能的。

178、    "It is not necessary to do this work.     这个工作不是非做不可。"

179、    It is still raining today.今天仍然下雨。

180、    "It rained every day while I was in Shanghai.   我在上海的时候每天都在下雨。"

181、    "It was not until last night that I noticed this matter.      直到昨晚我才注意到这件事。"

182、    "I've changed my mind.   我已经改变了我的想法。"

183、    Jim was intelligent, but he hated hard work.吉姆很聪明,但是不喜欢努力工作。

184、    "John and his brother differ in personality even if their differences in age are not significant.   尽管约翰和他哥哥在年纪上相差不大,但他们个性却不相同。"

185、    "John will be back in a week, and you can talk to him then.  约翰一周后就回来, 你到时可以直接与他谈。"

186、       "Karsh was praised as a master portraitist, often working in black and white, influenced by great painters of the past.  卡什被人们誉为人像大师,由于受到历史上一些著名画家的影响,他在拍摄中经常运用黑白摄影。"

187、    "Let's go dancing tonight.       我们今天晚上去跳舞吧。 "

188、    Many schools will not open for lessons until the beginning of September.一些学校直到九月初才开学。

189、    Mark couldn’t come to the party because he had to work.马克因为不得不工作,不能来参加我们的晚会.

190、    "Mary was such a hardworking student that she soon came out first in the class.   玛丽是一个学习十分用功的学生,不久她就成了班里学习最好的学生。"

191、    "May I have a look at the watch/your pictures?       我可以看下你的表/照片吗?"

192、    My classmate is cleverer than I.我的同学比我聪明。

193、    My roommate, Tom, is also a graduate student like me.我的室友汤姆像我一样是一个研究生。

194、    "My watch is five minutes fast.      我的表快了五分钟。"

195、    "Neither you nor I, nor anybody else knows the answer.       你, 我, 其他任何人都不知道这答案。"

196、    "Never before in her life has Helen seen such beautiful and precious jewelry.  海伦一生中从未见过如此漂亮和珍贵的珠宝。"

197、    "Not all Americans are interested in sports, of course.   当然, 并非所有美国人都对运动感兴趣。"

198、    "Not only is this problem very important, but it is a difficult problem to be solved at once.  这个问题不仅重要,而且还是一个难于马上解决的问题。"

199、    On that flight were a mother and her four-year-old son, whose name was Jeffrey.那个航班上有一个母亲和她叫杰弗瑞的四岁的儿子。

200、    "One can never succeed without enough confidence in himself.    一个人如果对自己没有足够的信心就不可能成功。"

201、    "Our teacher always encourages us to speak English bravely.     我们的老师总是鼓励我们大胆讲英语。"

202、    Our textbooks are very different from theirs.我们的教科书与他们的很不一样。

203、    "People all over the world are trying to help the people in Sichuan.    全世界的人都在努力帮助四川人民。"

204、    People always hate mice, but one mouse won the people’s heart of the whole world.人们总是痛恨老鼠,但是有一只老鼠却赢得了全世界人民的心。

205、    Peter was too young to understand all that.皮特太年轻, 无法明白这一切。

206、    Playing the sport you like is considered as an essential part of a person’s life.进行喜爱的体育运动,被认为是人的生活中不可缺少的一部分。

207、    Please get off the bus at the next stop请在下一站下车。

208、    "Please give me a glass of beer.     请给我一杯啤酒。"

209、    Please give me your advice.请你给我建议。

210、    "Please give me your homework before leaving.      请在离开前将你的作业交给我。"

211、    "Please give this book to whoever comes first.  请把这本书给最先来的人。"

212、    "Please give this ticket to whoever comes first. 请把这张票给最先来的人。"

213、    "Please tell me what to do next.     请告诉我接下来做什么。"

214、    "Please tell me where I can find these books.     请告诉我哪里能找到这些书。"

215、    "She was late for work again. 她工作又迟到了。"

216、    "She was sick, so children were quiet.  她病了, 所以孩子们很安静。"

217、    She was the only daughter and the youngest child of five.她是五个孩子中最小的,也是唯一的一个女儿。

218、    "She's free on Friday and Saturday.     她周五和周六有空。"

219、    Smoking can seriously harm your health.吸烟对你的健康危害很大。

220、    Some of the pictures were shown in an art museum in Shanghai when she was 4 years old.当她四岁时,在上海的一个艺术博物馆展出了一些画。

221、    Some parents even stop their children from meeting their good friends.有些父母甚至不让孩子去见他们的好朋友。

222、    Some people find it difficult to ask for help.有些人觉得请求帮助很困难。

223、    "Students can study by themselves through school network.  学生能通过校园网自助学习。"

224、    "Ted and William have lived under the same roof for five years.        泰德和威廉已经在同一个屋檐下生活了五年了。"

225、    "The boy was lost. His parents were very concerned about his safety.       小男孩找不到了,他的父母对他的安全忧心忡忡。"

226、    "The bridge being built will be completed in May.    正在修建的那座桥将于5月完工。"

227、    "The child talks as if he were a man.    那孩子说起话来就好像是个大人似的。"

228、    The couple enjoyed their holiday very much.这对夫妇假期过得很快活。

229、    "The doctor told me to have more water.   医生告诉我要多喝水。"

230、    The doctors decided to see this strange man themselves.医生们决定亲自去看这个奇怪的人。

231、    "The door is out of proportion with the window.      这门和窗子不成比例。"

232、    The farmer didn’t spend much time working on his farm.这位农民没有花很多的时间在他的农场工作。

233、    The friend saw everything but did not say a single word.朋友目睹一切,却只字不提。

234、    The glass broke into pieces.玻璃砸碎了。

235、    "The higher the temperature of a body, the quicker the motion of its molecules.     物体的温度越高,其分子的运动就越快。"

236、    "The little boy wanted to exchange his toy car for my cake.  这个小男孩想用他的玩具小汽车换我的蛋糕。"

237、    The men answered every differently from the women!男人的回答完全不同于女人的。

238、    "The more passions we have, the more happiness we are likely to experience. 我们的激情越多,我们有可能体验到的快乐就越多。"

239、    "The most common samples of inorganic materials are the gases of the atmosphere, water, rocks, etc.   大气中的气体、水、岩石都是无机物中最普通的实例。"

240、    "The movie began when we got there.  我们一到那儿电影就开演了。"

241、    "The plan has been over fulfilled by now.    目前,已经超额完成计划。"

242、    The polluted air becomes poisonous and dangerous to our health.污染了的空气对我们的健康变得毒害和危险。

243、    "The price of gasoline will come down in Chinese market.     中国市场上的汽油价将会下降。"

244、    "The question is too difficult to answer.      这个问题太难回答。"

245、    "The school management must be improved.     学校的管理必须改进。"

246、    "The store opens from 7 am. to 8 pm.  这个商店从上午7点到下午8点开门营业。"

247、    "The students are encouraged by their teacher to do more listening, reading and writing.   老师鼓励学生多听,多读,多写。"

248、    "The suit is quite satisfactory except for the color.   这套衣服,除了颜色以外,还是很令人满意的。"

249、    The teacher came earlier than expected. 老师比预计提前到了。

250、    The teacher told the students to sit down quietly.老师叫学生们安静入座。

251、    "The TV set cost me $200.      这台电视机花了我200美元。"

252、    Their parents don’t know them as well as their friends do.他们的父母对他们的了解不及他们的朋友。

253、    There are 45 students in each class of the school. 学校每个班级有45个学生。

254、    "There is a large amount of energy wasted due to friction.   由于摩擦而损耗了大量的能量。"

255、    "These computers are small in size and light in weight.   这些计算机体积小,重量轻。"

256、    "These five boys failed in their English exam last term.  这五个男同学上学期的英语考试没过。"

257、    "They are ordinary people, but did a great job.       他们是普通人,但是做了不平凡的工作。"

258、    They questioned both men but neither of them could speak English.他们审问了这两名男子,但这两个人都不会说英语。

259、    "They seem to have more activities at night than in the day. 他们好像晚上的活动比白天多。"

260、    They thought that there must be something wrong with their TV set.他们认为他们的电视机准是哪里有问题了。

261、    They were sitting in the park, playing cards.他们坐在公园里玩扑克牌。

262、    This box can hold more book than that one.这个箱子比那个箱子能装更多的书。

263、    This box can hold more books than one.这个箱子不止装一本书。

264、    "This custom has a long tradition. 这个习俗有着悠久传统。"

265、    "This pair of shoes cost me 260 yuan.  这双鞋花了我260元钱。"

266、    "This place has plentiful material resources.     这个地方的物质资源是丰富的。"

267、    This shirt is too big for me. Do you have a smaller one?这件衬衫对我来说太大了。有小一点的吗?

268、    "Though it was late, they kept on working. 尽管已经很晚了,他们还在继续工作。"

269、    "Though it was late. They kept on working.      尽管已经很晚了,他们还在继续工作。"

270、    "Tom has taught English here since he graduated from Oxford University.     汤姆从牛津大学毕业后就一直在这里教英语。"

271、    "Transistors are small in size and light in weight.     晶体管的体积小,重量轻。"

272、    Trees need water to grow.树木生长需要水。

273、    "Various substances differ widely in their magnetic characteristics.   各种材料的磁性有很大的不同。"

274、    "Visitors who come here like the beach and sunshine.     来这里的游客喜欢沙滩和阳光。"

275、    "Wang Li's father has taught English here since he has graduated from Peking University. 王丽的父亲从北京大学毕业后就一直在这里教英语。"

276、    We admire him although he makes a lot of mistakes; after all he is a great man.尽管他犯了很多错误我们还是很敬佩他,毕竟他是一个伟人。

277、    "We are doing this for our company rather than for ourselves.   我们是为了公司才这么做的,而不是为了我们自己。"

278、    "We are going to have an English party today.  今天我们将有一个英语聚会。"

279、    We are going to play golf this Sunday. 我们这个星期天要去打高尔夫球。

280、    "We are very grateful to you for what you have done for us all these years.   我们非常感谢这些年来你为我们所做的一切。"

281、    We cannot tell when an earthquake is coming.我们不能断定地震什么时候发生。

282、    We had to stay at home, because it was raining.因为下雨,所以我们不得不呆在家里。

283、    We have known each other for 6 years.我们认识有六年了。

284、    "We have not yet won; however, we shall try again.       我们还没有取胜, 不过, 我们还要再试一下。"

285、    "We must arrive there on time.     我们必须准时到那儿。"

286、    We must take immediate measures to prevent such things from happening again.我们必须立即采取措施防止这种事情再次发生。

287、    "We should encourage him to have confidence in himself.      我们应该鼓励他要自信。"

288、    "We tend to make mistakes when we are nervous.   我们紧张的时候就容易犯错误。"

289、    What a beautiful T-shirt you have!你的T恤衫真漂亮!

290、    What can I do for you?我能为您做点什么?

291、    "What did you do last week?  上星期你干什么了?"

292、    "What do you think about ….?你觉得……怎么样?     "

293、    "What is the color of your new computer? 你的新电脑是什么颜色?"

294、    What kind of life do most people enjoy?大部分人都喜欢什么样的生活呢

295、    What time shall we leave?我们什么时候出发呢?

296、    "When did you get up yesterday morning? 你昨天早上几点起的床?"

297、    "When I arrived at the station, the train had already left.     我到车站时,火车已经开了。 "

298、    "When I was young, I liked singing and dancing.     年轻时,我喜欢唱歌跳舞。"

299、    When she left school, she went first to Britain.她毕业以后首先去了英国。

300、    When she was eighteen, she began to work.当她十八岁的时候,她就开始工作了

301、    "When will he come to see you?    他什么时候会来看你? "

302、    "Where did you go for dinner yesterday?   你们昨天去哪儿吃饭了? "

303、    "Whether they will hold a meeting has not been decided.       要不要开会还没有决定。"

304、    "Who can help me clean the room?      谁能帮我打扫房间?"

305、    Who is the girl in white shirt?穿白衬衣的女孩是谁?

306、    "Who would say like this?       谁会这样说呢?"

307、    Who’s going to answer the door?谁去开门?

308、    "Why not go out for a walk?  出去走走怎么样?"

309、    Why not go out for a walk?为什么不出去走走呢?

310、    Will you go shopping with me?你愿意和我一块购物吗?

311、    "With winter coming on, it's time to buy warm clothes.  冬天来了,该买保暖的衣服了。"

312、    Would you like some coffee? There’s still a little left.你想要一些咖啡吗?还有一点剩下。

313、    "Would you like some mineral water?  你想来点矿泉水吗?"

314、    Would you mind closing the window for me? 你可以帮我关下窗户吗?

315、    "Would you please help me with this heavy box?      你能帮我抬一下这个很沉的箱子吗?"

316、    "Would you please help me with this heavy box?      你能帮我抬一下这个很沉的箱子吗?"

317、    "Would you please open the door for me?  能帮我开门吗?"

318、    You and your team can discover the answer to problems together.你和你的团队可以共同探索问题的答案。

319、    You are free to go or stay.你可以自由地选择走或留。

320、    "You can buy water inside.     你可以在里面买水喝。"

321、    "You don't need to buy that.   你不需要买这个。"

322、    "You must always remember not to cheat in exams. 你们必须记住永远都不要在考试时作弊。"

323、    You needn’t attend the meeting.你不需要参加会议。

324、    "You needn't go there anymore. He already knows about it. 你不必去了,他已经知道那件事了。"

325、    You should arrive at the airport at 10 am.你该在上午10点到机场。

326、    You should put part of your salary in the bank each month.你应该每月把你的部分薪水存入银行。

327、    "You should stop smoking. You shouldn't smoke too much.    你应该戒烟。你抽烟抽太多了。"

328、    You’d better do that again.你最好再做一次。

329、    Young persons under 25 make up half of the American population.25岁以下的年轻人占到美国人口的一半以上。

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